6 Tips and Tricks for a Natural Skin Care Routine in Summer

6 Tips and Tricks for a Natural Skin Care Routine in Summer

Stepping out into the glorious sunshine is uplifting for the soul, with Vitamin D vital in reducing the symptoms of depression – sunshine literally makes us happier. However, too much sunshine can have detrimental effects on your health and your skin, particularly in summer. Here’s a look at 7 nature-infused ways to enjoy that summer sunshine without harming your skin in the process.

1. Apply good sun cream

Lathering yourself in sun cream is an important first step, but you must be cautious about which sun cream you choose to use. A good quality sun cream is well worth the investment, and ensure it is broad-spectrum, water-resistant, and with an SPF rating.

What summer skin care product to use?

One great option is the Dr. Hauschka Tinted Face Sun Cream SPF30 which has a valuable medicinal plant extracts that strengthen the skin’s self-protection while leaving a sun-kissed glow. As a natural formulation, you benefit from antioxidant ingredients that prevent ageing while retaining the skin’s moisture. Another valuable option is the Dr. Hauschka Face Sun Cream SPF10 which can be applied after your day cream for added sun protection.

2. Cleanse your skin well

Keeping your skin clean before and after applying sun cream is important, which means incorporating a great cleanser into your natural skin care routine. This removes any impurities in the skin and improves the effects of your other skin care products.

What summer skin care product to use?

One nature-based option that is ideal for all skin conditions is the Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream. This high-quality oil-infused cream removes impurities while ensuring the skin maintains its natural hydrolipidic film without disrupting the skin’s natural protective function. Another innovative option is the Dr. Hauschka Cleaning Balm which, when applied to your moist skin, transforms from a gel into a cleansing milk that cleans and protects.

3. Tone your skin

After your natural skin cleansing routine, you need to revitalise your skin for summer by using a facial toner that boosts and refreshes. This is particularly important in summer when you sweat more, resulting in more natural oil production and potential breakouts.

What summer skin care product to use?

The Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner supports the skin’s natural renewal and cleansing processes to balance the oil and moisture content while refining the pores.

4. Care for the skin at night

Just because there’s no sun doesn’t mean that your summer skin care routine stops! When nighttime arrives, you should consider a night conditioner which will renew your skin, especially if you’ve been in the sun for some time. Beyond the post-sun care, applying product at night is vital as the skin regenerates twice as quickly at night – so use this!

What summer skin care product to use?

The Dr. Hausckha Renewing Night Conditioner is an oil-free skin care product that encourages natural renewal processes after 28 days. Dr. Hauschka’s range is ideal for your summer skin care routine as it contains no synthetic UV filters, no mineral oils, no silicones, and no microplastics, protecting your skin and the environment.

5. Rejuvenate your skin with a mask

Too much warm weather can result in dull and weathered skin, even if you live in dry conditions. That’s why your natural skin care routine in summer should include a revitalising and hydrating mask. This will rejuvenate your skin with natural goodness while reducing inflammation, while a hydrating mask will replenish your skin with moisture to prevent the signs of ageing.

What summer skin care product to use?

The Dr. Hauschka Revitalising Mask is ideal for blemished or sunburned skin, reducing the appearance of pores and minimising redness. The Dr. Hauschka Hydrating Cream Mask helps you retain moisture while supporting your skin’s natural oil production.

6. Go lighter on the makeup

Finally, when the days are a bit warmer, avoid wearing too much makeup. This will allow your skin to breathe more, especially when sweating, preventing the pores from getting clogged.

When it comes to natural skin care, Dr. Hauschka’s supportive product range is the perfect solution. Dr. Hauschka products are infused with all-natural ingredients that give your skin everything it needs to work its own magic!

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