Good for the skin, good for the world.

We are genuinely interested in all the people we meet around the world. Thanks to our loyal customers, we don’t need expensive ad campaigns. And as an independent foundation-owned company, we don’t have to pay dividends. Instead, we are free to invest in global raw materials partnerships, providing interest-free loans and enabling local farmers to pay fair wages.

Sustainable partnerships around the world.

Many of the plants we use in our formulations grow in our company’s own biodynamic medicinal herb garden or in the fields of our Demeter farm, the Sonnenhof. We purchase other raw materials regionally. But certain plant species from which we obtain raw materials do not thrive in our climate. One example is the macadamia nut, which we buy in organic quality from Kenya.

A glimpse into our macadamia nut partnership in Kenya

Valuable collaborations: what makes our partnerships special.

  • Organic initiation.
    We prefer to use ingredients in organic or Demeter quality for our products – and do this wherever possible. If these are not available on the world market in the desired quality, we initiate specific cultivation projects to achieve that quality.
  • Long-term perspective.
    We don’t believe in short-term contracts. We enjoy a solid and long-term working relationship with many farming partners. Our shea butter partnership, for example, has been in place for 20 years already. Binding, long-term commitments provide security for both sides in planning and further development.
  • Better social conditions.
    For us, fair trade relations are a matter of course. Our understanding of fair trade partnerships includes facilitating and promoting good local working conditions as well as providing the necessary support, for example in the form of loans.
  • Financial independence.
    It is always important to us that our partners achieve economic stability that makes them independent of us. We support our partners in marketing their goods worldwide and not just to us. We promote their further development, for example by providing consultants and we share expertise on agricultural issues, sustainable manufacturing processes and quality management.