Clean beauty. Care for what you love.

Clean beauty. Care for what you love.

The pure power of nature. Clean Beauty for holistic care that addresses all concerns - directly from nature, with no compromises. It is not only our past that leaves us with an obligation to protect the environment and use natural resources carefully – it is also our future. Responsible action is in our nature and for us "care for what you love" means valuing and protecting the natural world.

A skin care experience that does you and the planet a world of good.

Time, mindfulness, attentive touch and an appreciation for what nature can do for us. This conscious approach is not only reflected in the treatments provided by Dr. Hauschka estheticians, but also in what goes into Dr. Hauschka’s “clean beauty” products – and thus what goes onto our skin. Or, more precisely, what doesn’t.


Our skin is a sensitive organ with its own innate rhythm that can have very different needs at different times.

A fine balance is required for the skin to feel happy – and our skin care formulations help to maintain or rectify this balance for different skin conditions. We utilise the power of nature from head to toe: the ingredients in our allround skin care and cosmetic products contain and transport the diverse wealth of the natural world.

That’s what clean beauty means to us: the pure power of nature – for holistic care that addresses all concerns.

Skin care is touch; it’s getting close and carving out time for yourself.

This time should be pure pleasure, time to breathe. That’s why we are committed to clean beauty: Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products do not contain any questionable ingredients like microplastics, mineral oil, silicones or synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives. Microplastics and liquid plastics can be found, for example, in many sun protection products and in toothpaste. The problem is that microplastics are not biodegradable and are also so small that they cannot be filtered out, so they enter the environment and the food chain via wastewater. In addition, it has been proven that microplastics are deposited in the body. We prefer to rely on clean beauty alternatives provided by nature: we use only natural, water-neutral and/or biodegradable ingredients in Dr. Hauschka products, such as white clay in our toothpastes and waxes, oils, earth and minerals in our Make-up products.

Soft skin, silky hair?

Many cleansing, moisturising and cosmetic products rely on the use of silicone to create that smooth, nourished feeling. The problem with that is that silicones have no nourishing properties; they create a smooth skin and hair structure by simply filling out the surface. Silicone residues also build up on our skin and hair and end up weighing them down. Our clean beauty allows skin and hair to breathe, relying instead on the full cleansing and nourishing power of pure, natural botanical ingredients for light, breathable care.

Clean beauty uses extracts from nature instead of mineral oil.

Certain mineral oil hydrocarbons, such as MOAHs (mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons), are considered potentially carcinogenic. Mineral oil increases a product’s shelf life and is cheap. It is therefore found in many body oils, baby care products and in Vaseline. Surfactants derived from mineral oil are also found in cleansing skin care products. But there are other options: for example, the sugar surfactants used by Dr. Hauschka.

With us, you know you are getting pure, certified natural cosmetics that are easily biodegradable and water-neutral. Clean beauty that addresses all concerns. Directly from nature, with no compromises.

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