Demanding skin? You don't need a miracle.

Demanding skin? You don't need a miracle.

Skin care concept.

Text: Tanja Fiedler

We never promise miracles. Especially when it comes to wrinkles. Why not? We want your demanding skin to be radiant skin – regardless of wrinkles. You know your skin better than anyone. And we develop cosmetics that respond to your individual needs. That is our promise.

What do we mean by “demanding”?

Over the years, your skin becomes thinner and more sensitive, and wrinkles start to form. Cell renewal slows down, which is why small wounds take longer to heal. Your skin also finds it harder to form effective barriers and protection. As a result, it is more easily irritated by things like sunlight and cosmetics. But as your skin demands more of you, you can simply demand more of your skin care.

Anti-ageing? Not in our range.

We can’t turn back time – nor do we want to. Instead, we want people to have the best possible skin at every age. Mature skin has different demands depending on the day, the season, and its individual characteristics. Sometimes it needs revitalising impulses, other times rich care that supports firmness. And sometimes, all it needs is a light day lotion.

Two kinds of beauty.

Our co-founder Elisabeth Sigmund once said: “People need two kinds of beauty – inner and outer”. We still adhere to this belief, which is why our cosmetics respect your inner self and help it shine through.

Ever better.

Who wants to look 20 when they’re 50? When we have accomplished and experienced so much. When we feel so comfortable in our own skin. Why should we hide that? We want to show just how beautiful we are.

After all, it’s not about looking ever younger, it’s about looking ever better.

Our expert team for the highest demands.

The most important members of our skin care team are our medicinal plants. In our Regenerating Face Care range red clover is a top performer. This plant knows the secrets of renewal and gives your skin revitalising impulses. And at its side is bryophyllum, which shows your skin how to produce moisture. Blackthorn is a master in preserving vitality, and almond leaves your skin feeling wonderfully smooth and supple. Together, they are a dream team for demanding skin.

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