Dr. Hauschka Day Lotions, powered by flowers

Dr. Hauschka Day Lotions, powered by flowers

Flower power since 1967.

The incredible power of plants has been the essence of our skincare for over 50 years. It was during the year of the Summer of love that we launched our first ever range of natural and organic skincare, and have continued to celebrate the power of nature in our products ever since.

Powered by flowers to balance, soothe and revitalise your skin.

The same extraordinary power of plants can also be found in our NEW, recently launched Dr. Hauschka Day Lotions! Packed full of powerful Rose, Anthyllis and Apricot extracts to help impart instant balancing, soothing and revitalising effects. Lightweight, silky-smooth and perfect for younger skin too; these quickly absorbing moisturisers are the ideal solution for long-lasting hydration and protection.

We recently selected a panel of product testers who had the chance to trial and review a personalised selection of Dr. Hauschka products, including one of our NEW Balancing, Soothing and Revitalising Day Lotions depending on their specific skin condition. For 28 days they were required to follow a simple morning and evening routine, keeping a record of any changes they may have noticed in their skin, including their thoughts on the effect of our new lotions. Find out more about the incredible results they experienced here!

Choose from our Balancing, Soothing and Revitalising Day Lotions to help support the individual needs of your skin:

NEW Balancing Day Lotion (R695, 50ml)

  • Formulated with harmonising Anthyllis, Field Horsetail and Nasturtium to regulate blemishes and restore balance to oily, combination skin
  • Reduces shine and tautness
  • Gives the skin a visibly clearer complexion

NEW Soothing Day Lotion (R695, 50ml)

  • Formulated with vitamin rich Rose, calming Borage and cooling Cocoa Butter to strengthen and soothe sensitive skin prone to redness and enlarged capillaries
  • Lends skin an even appearance

NEW Revitalising Day Lotion (R695, 50ml)

  • New name, new look but with the same revitalising ingredients you know and love. Our Revitalising Day Lotion uses our signature Revitalising Day Cream formula to revive and restore radiance to your skin.
  • Formulated with moisturising Apricot to rejuvenate and refresh dehydrated, tired complexions
  • Stimulates the skin’s natural oil and moisture production
  • Activates pale, pallid skin for a supple and fresh complexion

What makes our Day Lotions so unique?

Unlike our traditional Day Creams, our new Day Lotions are lighter in texture, leaving the skin feeling slightly cooled and refreshed after each use. Quickly and easily absorbed making them an ideal base for make-up and perfect for everyday wear!

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